Sunday, July 15, 2018

Nutrition, Toxins and Cancer

I'm all for progress but the more I read about how we developed into an Industrialized Nation, the more worried I become. I recently finished reading The Radium Girls about the concerted effort of the men in charge of these highly profitable companies that sold items painted with radioactive paint who systematically covered up the harm being done to their workers (many of whom died a horrible death from radioactive poisoning at a young age). I applaud those who fought and won worker protection and eventually established agencies like OSHA to protect employees from harm but I doubt we have evolved to a safer place. As long as Congress is beholden to Big Business our nation is not a safe place.

So what does this have to do with nutrition? I'm glad you asked.

Every cell in your body responds to the chemicals you feed your body when you put something in your mouth, on your skin or breathe something into your lungs. Since I became allergic to a lot of environmental chemicals and was no longer able to perform deliveries or surgeries as an OBGYN, I have had to read all labels on every medication, household product, personal care products and food before I allow it into my home or body. You might think that those government agencies that were created to protect us would be making sure that all those chemicals are safe and you would be wrong.

I'm currently reading a textbook about nutrition and cancer and one of the researchers cited was Weston Price, a dentist who travelled around the world visiting societies that still ate a traditional diet. He visited Eskimos, Peruvian Indians high in the Andes, the Maori of New Zealand, the Masai in Africa and others and examined the teeth of those who only ate the 'whole food' diets of their ancestors and compared them to the teeth of those in the same tribes who had begun to incorporate some packaged foods into their diet.

What he discovered was that those who ate a traditional diet, whether all meat, fish and fat like the Eskimos or all seafood, roots and fruits of the Polynesians, enjoyed excellent physical health and had perfectly normal teeth while those who had begun to eat packaged foods developed rampant diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer and they had malformed dental arches and dental caries. He cites one physician who lived in northern Canada and took care of Eskimos and said that in 30 years of taking care of them he had never seen or heard of a case of cancer among those who ate a traditional diet.

So what's a body to do? For one thing, avoid GMO foods. Big Agribusiness developed genetically modified foods saying they were increasing yield to 'Feed the World' but that has not proven to be the case. What has happened is that the foods are genetically modified so farmers can spray tons of pesticides on crops like soybeans, sugar, corn and wheat (among others) up until harvest. Also the genetically modified seeds can't be saved so farmers have to purchase them from the companies that created the genetically modified foods. Another issue is that the soil is damaged from the overuse of pesticides and the depletion of nutrients which translates to less nutrients in the food.

I think one reason I'm seeing so many people with food sensitivities is that the combination of genetically modified foods with the pesticides is doing serious damage to our guts and immune systems (70% of your immune system is in the intestinal lining) AND we aren't getting the nutrients we need from our food to keep us healthy. So look for the NON-GMO label but also consider eliminating all packaged food and making sure your food is organic or at least on the 'SAFE' list on the Healthy Living app.

And take good quality supplements! I promise I'll post on supplements now that I've covered why you need them.

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